Spectacular Men: Race, Gender, and Nation on the Early American Stage  (Oxford University Press, 2017)

Cover for Spectacular Men


Guest editor, Teaching Disability: Transformations XXV, 2 (Winter 2016)


Co-Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.21.02 AMedited with Anna Mae Duane, Child. WSQ 43:1&2 (Spring/Summer 2015)





Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.29.59 AM

Co-edited with Pamela Annas and Susan Gushee O’Malley, Radical Teaching and the Food Justice Movement: Radical Teacher 98 (2014)




GueTeaching Feelingsst editor, Teaching Feelings: Transformations XXII, 2 (Winter 2012) 








Co-edited with Rupal Oza, Ruin: WSQ 39, 3&4 (Fall/Winter 2011).








Inventing Modern Adolescence: The Children of Immigrants in Turn of-the -Century America (Rutgers University Press, 2009).






Technology and the Logic of American Racism: A Cultural History of the Body as Evidence. London and New York: (Continuum, 2000).

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